From the arrival of the family to Brazil until the creation of the Ranchão Coffees project.

nossa história começa aqui

Nossa história se inicia no ano de 1851 quando a Fazenda Ranchão começou sua jornada. Fundada orignalmente com o nome XXX, teve seu nome alterado devido à popularização do “apelido” Ranchão, que foi recebido devido às acolhidas que a família fazia com os viajantes que lá passavam e pousavam por lá. Assim o “rancho” onde dormiam foi ficando conhecido e ganhou tal nome. Hoje é o nome oficial da fazenda.

Who we are

Passion and dedication. That is how we can summarize Ranchão Coffees. An initiative by four friends with one common dream: to produce and export high quality coffees from Brazil’s best origins. 

“Ranchão” is a word from the Portuguese language that identifies a traditional farm or large ranch. Ranchão State is a centennial property, located in the Mantiqueira Mountain range, between the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, at altitudes that exceed 1,000 m at their highest points.

It presents ideal conditions for the production of quality coffees with mild temperatures throughout the year and highly productive varieties, apart from manual harvesting and drying, Ranchão Coffees offers a unique cup with perfect balance among body, sweetness and acidity.


With selected 100% Arabica grains, in packs of 12 oz, 2 lb, 250 g, 500 g and 1 kg, in whole bean or ground, it presents quality characteristics that enhance the aroma, as well as the complexity and body of the drink, making the taste and acidity well balanced.

producing region

Fazenda Ranchão and other coffee suppliers are located in the city of Espirito Santo do Pinhal and region, on the border between the states of São Paulo (Mogiana Region) of Minas Gerais (Sul de Minas Region), two of the biggest and better coffee producing region in Brazil. Due to its geographic location, in the Serra da Mantiqueira, the regions have a perfect climate for special coffee productions and high quality drinks, as it is in mountainous topography with average altitude of 1000m and with ideal temperatures for the plant. 

Besides the production being 100% Arabica coffees, the city has large companies destined to the entire coffee production chain. The Region of Pinhal counts on the label of Indication of Origin. The certification protects the coffee produced with a geographical indication, rigid product control, traceability and socio-environmental responsibility.


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